OSF Delivers on Complex Ecommerce, Brand Objectives for Baxter of California

Technologies: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Type: Ecommerce

After their acquisition by L’Oréal, Baxter of California—pioneer of men’s grooming products since 1965—sought to centralize their IT maintenance and operations as part of a growth and integration strategy. This involved a migration to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which is how other L’Oreal brands were being run and centralized.

“We wanted a new look and feel that would capture more of our brand aesthetic, one that would match the clean, sophisticated look we were going for,” said Jillian RISSMAN-SHERR, Assistant Manager, Ecommerce at Baxter of California. “This project was really exciting for us, to finally have a website we could be proud of.”

But the project was not without complexities. Baxter of California is unique in that they are not fully integrated on all of the systems that other L’Oreal brands use—instead, they continued to use processes that were not automated, such as their order fulfillment system.

A Custom Integration

“We had to come up with a unique solution that would not disrupt the way they were processing their orders, so we came up with a way that enabled them to grow merchandising and the website without impacting fulfillment,” said Brian Vass, Business Analyst at OSF Digital. “We’ve done standard order flow integrations, but this was completely custom.”

The OSF team managed to accommodate the retailer’s existing order fulfillment system—an uncommon integration with Commerce Cloud—while enhancing their existing methods: removing their manual process behind the scenes and enabling a much easier shipping, payment and confirmation process.

“OSF developed a fully involved understanding of the systems we were using,” said RISSMAN-SHERR. “Brian Vass not only learned what we were doing throughout the fulfillment process, he trained team members here that weren’t even directly involved with our ecommerce or new website, but were nonetheless impacted by our switch onto the new systems.”

In addition to systems integrations, Baxter of California’s brand objectives played a significant role in the development process. The retailer brought a design agency on board, not only to accommodate L’Oreal’s and their vision for the brand’s bright future, but also to work closely with OSF’s team to ensure that vision agreed with the support system in place within the new platform.

“Due to the tight timeline we had, we had to work in parallel with the agency,” said Lucian Rotaru, Project Manager at OSF. “In the end, we managed to meet customer expectations following the designs provided by the agency without limiting what they had envisioned.”

Team Building, Training and Leadership

Leadership at Baxter of California commended OSF for their expert understanding of how to work through the processes and accommodate all of the changing pieces, stakeholders and decision makers involved in the project.
  • “In terms of the aesthetics of the site and the design, they exceeded expectations. They weren’t just doing the work, they went above and beyond their responsibilities and got involved with every single person impacted by the relaunch, giving us a chance to understand the processes and work with them ourselves.”
    Jillian RISSMAN-SHERRAssistant Manager, Ecommerce at Baxter of California
Baxter of California’s new streamlined ecommerce process is mobile optimized with new built-in ratings and reviews and social media share features, in addition to a grooming tips section with how-to videos and a newly automated process for adding samples during checkout.

“Now, we’re automating the processes we had to do manually before,” says Jillian. “The customer can select a sample during checkout and it shows up in the packing list and the warehouse sees it right there during the pick-and-pack—it’s way more advanced.”

Baxter of California stakeholders believe that their new, state-of-the-art enhancements to the customer experience will allow them to take advantage of other promising channels that will greatly contribute to sales growth, as well as enhance the overall appearance of their brand.

“We now have a website behind us that is supporting and driving sales for us,” said RISSMAN-SHERR. “Since making it easier for our visitors to shop, we’ve already seen our conversion rate increase—so, things are looking up!”

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