OSF and Sporting Goods Retailer Unify Cross-Brand Destination Site on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Technologies: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Type: Ecommerce

This global sporting goods retailer’s products are ubiquitous, and have earned a distinct reputation for ingenuity among its customers worldwide. The company has global operations and a highly refined set of product offerings across over a dozen brands.

The retailer committed to a bold Salesforce Commerce Cloud replatforming operation across brands—to drive scalability and revenue, but also to streamline the inter-brand, best-in-class ecommerce experience in order to maximize benefits to their highly refined set of customers.

They wanted to create a destination site—an epicenter—for all of the users of their products. The destination would not just be sales-specific, but would provide engaging content along with every single product reconciled to the new site.

OSF provided supplementary help in the implementation of some of the company’s previous sites—their resulting familiarity with their code base became the starting point for their transition into the new project.

The retailer brought OSF on to the project knowing their own in-house development talents were best used on a bold, single-site architecture to support all brands. The partners formed a hybrid team, OSF focusing on the labor-intensive front end, freeing up time for the in-house developers to tackle the back end—their optimal area of focus. OSF never missed a deadline.

Additionally, the company noted that OSF went above and beyond their responsibilities to the replatforming project by facilitating the development of their own front-end team in the risk-free environment provided by their assumed responsibilities to the front end.

The retailer noted an exponential growth in revenue due to new availability of their products online, and positive conversion rates for all brands converting over to the new site. And the benefits to business and the customer experience were expansive, opening doors for refinements of offerings and global growth.

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