OSF Digital’s Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0 cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Receives SFRA Certification

November 06 | 2019

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge is now Available on the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace

Québec City, Canada – November 06, 2019 OSF Digital announced today that its auto-replenishment cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0, is now Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) certified and is available on the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace.

Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0, a SFRA compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, is designed to help merchants secure recurring online orders by offering their customers an option to subscribe for automatic purchases of their favorite products at self-selected frequencies. Customers can manage, pause, or cancel their subscription at any time in the user-friendly dashboard in My Account. The product also offers a new type of subscription model that allows shoppers to secure better deals if they sign up for repeat purchases for a specific timeframe that has been set by the merchant.

OSF Digital’s auto-replenishment cartridge offers merchants an easy way to search and manage all subscription orders in the reporting dashboard with relevant information including the products in the order, order status, the subscription timeframe, and the recurrence interval. Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0 makes it easy for ecommerce businesses to control their back-end systems, optimize inventory levels, gain a better overview of stock-at-hand, and ensure sales continuity.

“With commerce, everything rotates around the customer. Merchants need to direct all their efforts towards increasing customer loyalty and ensuring consumers are satisfied at every step of their shopping journey,” said Simion Petrov, VP of Innovation & APAC Client Services at OSF Digital. “Our products are designed to assist merchants in tackling their commerce challenges. Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0 is unique for its ability to provide a seamless customer experience while also securing long-term recurring revenue for businesses. Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) certification is proof of the value that our product brings to both merchants and their customers.”

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