OSF Digital Performs Valuable Updates on Carol’s Daughter Website

January 11 | 2019

Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Encouraging a Seamless Experience

Québec City, Canada – January 11, 2019 OSF Digital announced today that it completed several key modifications to the Carol’s Daughter website. In 2014, L’Oréal USA’s Multicultural Beauty Division acquired Carol’s Daughter – a popular multicultural beauty brand. After evaluating the brand’s existing website, L’Oréal USA determined that there were several areas of improvement that needed to be focused on and sought assistance from OSF Digital.

For this specific phase of work, L’Oréal USA requested OSF focus on two areas of the Carol’s Daughter website: social sign-in and sharing, and improvements to the checkout process. OSF replaced L’Oréal’s Gigya platform with a custom-developed social sign-in and log-in solution using a customized version of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform developed specifically for L’Oréal referred to as LORA or L’Oréal Reference Application. Visitors to the Carol’s Daughter website now can sign in using their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. They are also able to share content such as product information via their social media accounts. The LORA social sign-in was linked with L’Oréal’s CRM database, and existing Gigya accounts were ported over to both LORA social sign-in and social log-in. A customer’s social media accounts are now linked to their data in Salesforce if it is in the system. If not, a new account will be created from this information. OSF also completed several improvements to the website’s checkout process including the implementation of several third-party software solutions, most importantly, an OMS for PFSweb to help with inventory, catalog and price book management.

“The work that OSF Digital has performed on the Carol’s Daughter website was completed in a short timeframe and with exacting precision,” says Amy Tso, AVP, E-Commerce & CRM, L’Oréal Multicultural Beauty Division. “Our customers are now able to sign in and share content using their social media accounts, resulting in a seamless experience from their side, and increased brand awareness for our company. Shoppers are also benefitting from a more robust checkout process, reducing cart abandonment and ensuring successful order completion.”

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the impact that the modifications to these two vital areas of the Carol’s Daughter website will have,” says Ali Ouziame, Senior Engagement Director, OSF Digital. “The savings that L’Oréal USA will enjoy with the use of the LORA platform coupled with their reduced dependence on third party software will provide the company with both cost and time savings in the long run.”

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