OSF Digital Launches OSF Headless, a Collection of Headless Commerce Apps and Features

July 19 | 2022

This new solution allows enterprises on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to pivot to the next stage of headless commerce

Quebec City, Canada (July 19th, 2022) OSF Digital, an award-winning provider of digital transformation services to companies worldwide, today announced the launch of OSF Headless, an omnichannel headless commerce solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud that enhances the user experience and increases the average order value and conversion ratio with progressive web application (PWA) kit apps. Businesses using OSF Headless can smoothly transition their online stores to a headless commerce architecture. This solution allows companies to enhance storefront journeys and create app-like engaging experiences to keep up with ever-rising consumer expectations with an extensive suite of headless applications.

“We are pleased to launch OSF Headless, a new innovative solution that helps enterprises transition into the next phase of commerce,” said Gerry Szatvanyi. “Several businesses across many industries can benefit from moving to headless commerce and creating new touchpoints, channels, and systems to get in front of their target audience. We believe OSF Headless will be a valuable addition to OSF’s catalog of products and services.”

OSF Headless offers headless capabilities that upgrade your storefront and significantly reduce page load times. Along with opening new revenue channels, there are unique features for both the merchant and the end customer. This solution speeds the time to market with a pre-built PWA kit that is customizable to fit your brand's needs. It brings together out-of-the-box speed with the flexibility to adapt to any business need.

What is headless commerce, and why is it valuable?

Headless commerce is an ecommerce system that decouples the front-end web system from the ecommerce back-end engine. There are several benefits to the new OSF Headless, including:

Speed: Launch a fast, mobile-optimized web experience across all screens, reduce page load times and spend less on the development and maintenance process with shorter build times, updates, and improved storefronts.

Flexibility: Each app available with OSF Headless has its own price, and you can mix and match it according to your preferences and needs.

Versatility: Page Designer is compatible with the PWA kit in OSF Headless; there is no need to use different CMS technologies.

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About OSF Digital

OSF Digital is a global commerce and digital transformation leader with expertise in connecting technology and strategy to drive business goals. With expertise in B2C and B2B commerce and Salesforce awards for multi-cloud innovation, OSF Digital seamlessly guides enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey. With customers in various industries around the globe, OSF Digital provides personal attention and the highest level of connection with a local presence throughout North America, Latin America, APAC, and EMEA. For more information about OSF Digital, visit OSF Digital.

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