OSF Digital Announces Integrator for OMS Pro

August 08 | 2018

Enhancing the order management process for APAC brands

Québec City, Canada – August 08, 2018 OSF Digital announced today the launch of an innovative new product, Integrator for OMS Pro. The cartridge was released at the OSF Days of Excellence event in Tokyo and is a solid demonstration of the company’s commitment to assisting brands in the APAC market in offering an enhanced shopping journey for their valued customers.

OMS Pro is a product developed by OSF’s partner RCI Global Services and is an order management system and omnichannel platform designed to deliver a professional and cost-effective solution specifically tailored to the unique needs of companies located in the APAC region. Building upon the work that RCI has put into their product, OSF’s Integrator for OMS Pro is a cartridge that facilitates the integration between OMS Pro and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling a full omnichannel experience and reducing the time required for developing an omnichannel project. The cartridge assists businesses in making both omnichannel and unified commerce a reality. Stock management, order processing, and returns are streamlined, and data synchronization is a reality with a 360-degree view of customer data being synced with all the details of their order history and returns. Service agents will now have the tools to track orders at every stage — from payment through to delivery. Integrator for OMS Pro ensures that companies can better leverage relevant data to provide better service and support to consumers.

“We are very proud to announce this new product with our esteemed partner RCI Global Services who was in attendance at OSF Days of Excellence,”says Gerry Szatvanyi, CEO at OSF Digital. “Both this event and the launch of Integrator for OMS Pro show that we are serious about our strong desire to make a positive impact on the APAC region by supporting companies with their plans for increased revenue and growth.”

Jean Luc Lim, CEO at RCI Global Services, is delighted to have this cartridge ready for the marketplace. “We are the first in Japan to have this brilliant cartridge available and, I am confident to say that this integrator will be of great use to companies within Salesforce’s Asia Pacific region.”

OSF Digital has been enjoying a period of rapid expansion whether that is the recent announcement that it is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, its expanded physical presence in the Asia Pacific region, its impressive sales figures or the signing of new key contracts. As part of its roadmap, OSF has big plans including the strong intention to keep their growth rate at the same level in the following years, as well as to continue to launch several innovative and commerce-enhancing products via its in-house Salesforce Cloud incubator OSF Product Labs. The company also plans to continue to focus a significant amount of energy in growing its footprint within the APAC marketplace in helping brands offer their customers compelling online and offline experiences.

About OSF Digital

OSF Digital, winner of Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting, implementation and Online Shop Management services to emerging brands, premier brands and retailers. Our agile approach allows us to scale global growth more quickly and enable retailers to simplify the customer experience. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative ecommerce solutions across channels, devices and locales. OSF has the following financial partners, HSBC and BDC and Salesforce Ventures is an investor.

About RCI Global Services

RCI Global Services is an omnichannel retail expert and provides the most intuitive OMS solution in APAC. RCI’s own solution – OMS Pro, is fully integrated with E-commerce platforms (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) and other complex solutions as POS, CRM, BI, ERP, WMS or 3PL. RCI stands out among the competitors for its tailor-made services and to perform roll-outs for its clients in APAC.

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