OSF Digital Announces DATA IMPORT - a New Plug-In for Swift & Secure Data Uploads

July 23 | 2018

Open source Jenkins plug-in offers automated data uploads for Salesforce Commerce Cloud projects

Québec City, Canada – July 23, 2018 OSF Digital announced today the launch of its new native Jenkins plug-in, DATA IMPORT for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This product follows the release of BUILD & DEPLOY, the first plug-in included in OSF’s set of solutions for ecommerce project development.

DATA IMPORT is the next essential link in the chain and facilitates automated data uploads to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s continuous integration sandbox, development or staging instance. With this software, all data is checked for any changes which helps to avoid the upload of duplicated information.

With an exceptionally user-friendly interface, DATA IMPORT is easy to maintain – users can effortlessly install, update and configure the plug-in to fit their specific workflow. Configuration options are easily accessed either on the Jenkins plug-in page or from the inline help that’s available upon request within the Jenkins' user interface.

The software is integrated with the OSF CREDENTIALS plug-in, a product designed to ensure that a user’s credentials are safely stored and encrypted. The DATA IMPORT plug-in is compatible with the classical mode, Jenkins Pipelines as well as the new Blue Ocean interface.

“We have rolled out a set of plug-ins with the idea of expediting the development journey,”says Daniel Anechitoaie, Senior Solutions Architect at OSF Digital. “We’ve built our solutions to be concentrated on one single action at a time to execute with excellence. So far, we’ve released BUILD & DEPLOY for simplified site development, DATA IMPORT for rapid and safe data upload, and CREDENTIALS for secure storage and encryption of a user’s credentials.”

“The OSF team is dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement. DATA IMPORT assists with a critical aspect of the development process,” says Gerry Szatvanyi, CEO at OSF Digital. “We’re positive that this new open source plug-in will make a difference in the data import process by making it faster and less strenuous.”

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