OSF Digital Announces Accelerated Commerce Framework (ACF)

October 25 | 2017

New offering provides retailers a feature-rich digital storefront in 16 weeks

Québec City, Canada – October 25, 2017 – OSF Digital announced today the availability of the Accelerated Commerce Framework (ACF) – a rapidly developed ecommerce solution that harnesses the full capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With this offering, OSF provides retailers with a way to scale back initial launch costs and greatly reduce their project development timelines. The end result is a fully optimized, branded digital storefront developed via a pre-set implementation package.
A great deal of time in any ecommerce project is spent on the planning and front-end development phases. With ACF, the costs and time associated with these tasks are eliminated because OSF has already established and packaged together the key integrations and third-party solutions that deliver results.
“Perhaps a custom-built ecommerce site is out of the financial reach of some companies. In other cases, a retailer may need an online store up and running in a short timeframe - or they might be interested in having an online presence for their store that can evolve over time. In each of these scenarios, ACF is the ideal solution,” says Chris Hooven, SVP Sales & Business Development at OSF Digital.  “Launching an ecommerce store can be an extremely painful experience for many retailers, and we’re looking to help merchants simplify the work and cost required to obtain a dynamic and powerful site.”  
OSF’s Accelerated Commerce Framework sets the stage for future site improvements involving the addition of new features and further customization to enhance the implementation. The flexibility of Salesforce Commerce Cloud coupled with their constant innovation ensures that retailers are equipped to evolve with the ever-changing ecommerce industry.

About OSF Digital

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