One Page CHECKOUT and OSF CartUP Boost Conversions, Total Revenue for ars mundi

April 19 | 2017

German retailer continues lucrative partnership with OSF Digital for checkout and cart abandonment technologies

Québec City, Canada – APRIL 19, 2017 – OSF Digital announced today that it has licensed its One Page CHECKOUT and OSF CartUP software products to ars mundi for the retailer’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud online store. As the German art dealer optimizes its storefront for international expansion, this single-page checkout and cart recovery solutions enable them to reduce time to purchase, improve the customer experience and reconnect with cart abandoners to bring them back to purchase.
“One Page CHECKOUT gives us a highly functional, user-friendly checkout experience that has already increased loyal visitors, decreased returns, and contributed to a 2.50% conversion rate increase,” says Adela Szatvanyi, Head of Commerce Optimization” 
The single-page checkout solution allows the retailer to see, review and edit order summaries at any time on the checkout page. Now, the order details are automatically updated every time the customer makes a change to the other checkout elements.
Meanwhile, OSF CartUP gives the retailer complete control of their cart abandonment data and a practical way to get buyers back to their online stores. The software allows them to keep track of items purchased from these recovered carts, and witness real-time statistics on recovered revenue.
“OSF created a targeted experience for our users by implementing OSF CartUP, which has helped increase conversions on products in our customers’ abandoned carts, says Adela Szatvanyi, Head of Commerce Optimization. “We’re thrilled to see that 50.69% of our total revenue from email now originates from this product.”
Now, the brand can keep track of items purchased from recovered carts, and witness real-time statistics on revenue recovered from those carts. Since first partnering with OSF Digital in 2013, ars mundi has noted key advantages in their Salesforce Commerce Cloud that have proven to meet their objectives for their storefront, and continue to do so in 2017.

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