Ecommerce Transformation: How OSF Digital Helped L’Oréal Canada Achieve a Double-Digit Increase in Sales

March 24 | 2015

L’Oréal Canada came to OSF Digital with the goal of replatforming several brands onto the Demandware platform. To address the challenge of replatforming multiple brands within a short timeframe, OSF developed a “core architecture” on which all of their brands would be based. This enabled OSF to perform rapid deployment for four brands – Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Clarisonic and Kérastase – with an average delivery time of only 3 months per brand. In addition, OSF delivered two sites each for Biotherm and Shu Uemura: Canada and United States.

The rapid deployment model solves a huge challenge for larger retailers. OSF enables businesses to integrate all of their brands into a single unified platform, and easily add-on applications and plugins to achieve the exact functionality their customers demand.

L’Oréal Canada’s vision of Total Customer Experience across all platforms required a graphically clean design that not only attracted customers, but engaged them to spend more time and money on the site. And it needed to present that design in the same way across all channels, including desktop, tablet and smartphones. OSF used responsive design to solve this challenge, and the numbers show double and triple-digit growth for conversion rates across mobile and tablet devices, and a double-digit increase in digital sales for Canadian brands in 2013.

That growth was sustained in 2014, when those same brands saw an average increase of 79% in sales revenue compared to the previous year, including 86% growth for Kiehl’s, their top Canadian brand in terms of ecommerce revenue. Shu Uemura was also notable for a substantial 67% growth to its conversion rate.

Higher conversion rates translate directly to increased revenue and more satisfied customers, a goal which is exactly what L’Oréal Canada set out to achieve with this initiative.

“Consumers' online shopping behavior is constantly evolving,” according to Martin Aubut, Director of Interactive Marketing and Ebusiness Strategy at L'Oréal Canada. “Having the right platform and innovative partners are key to meeting our customers' expectations and answering market changes.”

L’Oréal Canada’s online transformation began with identifying the needs of their customers and the limitations of their existing ecommerce solution. With the guidance and support of OSF, L’Oréal Canada now serves as a digital leader in Canadian ecommerce, boasting an integrated ecommerce solution that is effectively driving revenue through their multiple digital channels.

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