OSF Forest

OSF Forest

Restoring forests on a global scale

We believe that daily actions contribute to building a brighter future for our planet. With a mission to preserve and restore forests on a global scale, we started a long-term collaboration with Reforest'Action, an NGO with a unique crowd planting model dedicated to raising awareness and taking action for forests by creating an environmentally conscious community. Inspired by this initiative, we decided to replicate our global digital footprint into a worldwide climate change program, OSF Forest.

By involving our clients, partners, and employees, to join OSF Forest, we've already managed to positively impact climate, biodiversity, health, and employment worldwide:

trees planted in the OSF Forest
working hours created
tons of CO2 stored
animal shelters created
months of oxygen generated

Join OSF Forest and help us make this planet a better and healthier place to live in!