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TagSonic uses advanced AI to automatically tag products with the right terms and keywords for your retail ecommerce site. TagSonic is both SFRA and Site Genesis compatible. It catalogs products with speed, making your ecommerce site’s products easily searchable, and making your online store’s goods findable by search engines.

With robust AI technology, TagSonic can scan millions of product images, detecting key attributes applicable to each product. Using a tool like TagSonic saves enormous amounts of time, but it also speeds your time to market with new product lineups, and it reduces the need for dramatic seasonal hiring when new product lines are introduced. 

With accurate and well-phrased tagging, shoppers can find exactly what they want. 

Consider a scenario where a customer searching for a blue dress ends with a red skirt! The retailer will frustrate customers and lose them to competitors. It is unrealistic for retailers to expect merchants to do this manually with the growing volume of online products, not to mention the numerous categories and images for each product. 

Since TagSonic adds diversified yet accurate attributes, this makes the searchability and discoverability of your products very easy and improves shopper engagement while increasing sales. TagSonic is particularly valuable if you run a fashion, jewelry, or footwear business and use catalogs to showcase your products. 

Main Features

  • compatibility


    The cartridge is compatible with SiteGenesis and Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA).
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    Enhanced SEO and Product Discoverability

    TagSonic recommends as many tags as needed to enrich your product metadata. This feature makes it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they want. The more relevant the tag, the higher the chances of it appearing on search results.
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    Catalog Management

    Product catalog images with accurate tags let you organize products on several bases like design, brand, color, style, etc., allowing customers to discover products faster. Organized tags enable merchants to remove those products that are no longer popular, enabling you to have ‘SKUs under check.’
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    Configurable Tag Recommendation

    The system can be configured to recommend any tag you can imagine without the tedium of going through AI training cycles. If your products change, simply reconfigure your desired list of tags, and the AI will instantly make recommendations. That way, your catalog always remains updated with the latest trends.
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    Personalization and Revenue

    With TagSonic, you can drive sales, increase revenue, and gain an edge over your competition. TagSonic also helps shoppers discover products they truly want based on their unique preferences, increasing your average order value and driving greater engagement with your brand.
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    Fully Editable Score-Based Tag Recommendation

    All tags recommended by the AI can be edited and adjusted according to your needs. You can check the AI's confidence in each recommendation, or you can just trust it and ‘bulk-accept’ them all!
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    Hierarchical Tagging

    Certain products can have unique and specific tags. TagSonic supports building hierarchies of tags, which means some tags will be recommended only if certain attributes have been previously suggested. Hierarchical tagging improves the organization of your catalog.
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    Fine-Tuning Availability

    For 95% of topics, the system does not require fine-tuning. But if you happen to fall in the 5% category, the system does allow you to fine-tune the AI. This opportunity allows the AI to learn those very (very!) specific tags you need to enrich your products’ metadata.


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