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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to drive sales. Expand your customer base by tapping this important revenue-generating channel, with Affiliate ASSISTANT, a SFRA compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Reduce the costs you spend on affiliate network programs including one-time setup fees and recurring commissions for every click, lead, or sale. Stop being charged by both the publisher using the affiliate network and the network itself. With Affiliate ASSISTANT, you’ll only pay fees to the publisher, saving you from unnecessary spending.

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Main Features

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    Affiliate partners can register for your affiliate marketing program from the main Salesforce Commerce Cloud website and will then have access to an easy to use dashboard.
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    Affiliate partners can search for products using keywords or product numbers to determine what they will promote on their website or blog as affiliate-offered products.
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    Product tiles are customizable. Affiliates can create them via a code generator from their dashboard and tiles will appear in a vertical or horizontal display.
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    Merchants can quickly and easily view sales results in a reporting dashboard within Business Manager. The dashboard includes information on what orders were placed on the Affiliate’s websites, the affiliate’s name, ID, amount of revenue each one has generated during a specific period, and the overall revenue gained from all affiliates during a selected timeframe.

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