Breaking Down Barriers to Conversions en

Breaking Down Barriers to Conversions

Optimization guidelines that drive thousands of dollars in additional revenue

Does your ecommerce site create a digital experience that encourages transactions and drives revenue? While companies spend a lot of money trying to research and identify the factors that cause shoppers to leave their sites or abandon their shopping carts, few take a close look at the true customer experience their online store provides. Access this best practice checklist and optimize your customers’ natural journey through the Homepage, Search, the Product Page and Checkout—from arrival to transaction.

This paper provides tested solutions for the four components to a successful customer journey, including:
  • Orienting content for customers from diverse groups and origins

  • Building search to think like your customers—and help them when they get stuck

  • Offering visitors a spectrum of ways to experience your products

  • Reducing abandonment and boosting conversions with a single-page checkout
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