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OSF Days of Excellence is a worldwide celebration of our valued partners - balancing both learning opportunities with fun activities, each edition of the event being held in a different region.

OSF hosts these events to bring together leading global retailers from various industries like fashion, cosmetics, luxury goods, nutrition, home furnishings, electronics and gaming, who are interested in joining a private community where they can learn, share, collaborate and network with each other. Together we’ll explore how to gain international success and learn where the world’s ecommerce visionaries are headed.

Set in the most enchanting locations in the world, OSF Days of Excellence are worth attending! Great food and drinks, inspiring seminars and workshops, captivating entertainment and time spent with industry players are what it’s all about. No ties allowed!

We believe in encouraging you to go beyond the screen to take part in fun and exciting activities. Skydiving, samba lessons, a guided tour of a Transylvanian castle by Dracula – anything’s possible at the OSF Days of Excellence.

OSF Days of Excellence Fortaleza

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OSF Days of Excellence Fortaleza - December 2021

Days of Excellence returned to Brazil and brought together employees from all over the world in cultural immersion in the northeast Brazilian region, with lots of music, dance, sports, cuisine, and human warmth. After a year of exponential growth in the LATAM region, it was the first face-to-face meeting for many new team members, providing days of learning, joining, and networking.

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