OSF Digital Receives 2021 Salesforce Sales Excellence Partner Award

7月 16 | 2021

Recognizing the company’s dedication to increasing Salesforce's footprint in France

Québec City, Canada – July 16, 2021OSF Digital announced today that the company has received the 2021 Salesforce Sales Excellence Partner Award during French Salesforce’s annual Partner Kick-Off event on June 28.

Salesforce’s 2021 virtual Partner Kick-Off brought together more than 200 participants from the 167 companies in the Salesforce partner ecosystem in France. Out of this vast partner ecosystem, only eight Salesforce partners were recognized with prestigious awards.

The Sales Excellence Partner award recognizes partners who are dedicated to increasing Salesforce's footprint in the French market and whose streamlined sales and marketing efforts are reflected in their contribution to Salesforce’s generated income and annual contract value (ACV). Salesforce also considers the number of certified resources and efforts toward achieving customer success with Salesforce technology.

“Winning this award is a great testament to OSF’s dedication to advancing the commerce industry with Salesforce technology and the incredible teamwork we continuously demonstrate,” said Nicolas Castoriadis, Executive VP, EMEA at OSF Digital. “We’re honored to become one of the few Salesforce partners in France whose expertise and commitment to helping brands transform their commerce ecosystem with Salesforce’s cutting-edge technology is recognized and reflected in Salesforce’s bottom-line.”

The 2021 Salesforce Sales Excellence Partner Award joins OSF’s vast portfolio of Salesforce awards and recognitions, including the recently obtained new distinction in the Fashion & Beauty category in the Salesforce Navigator Program.

As a trusted Salesforce partner for over 10 years, OSF Digital possesses deep expertise in implementing, integrating, and customizing Salesforce technology according to each client's unique needs based on their industry and brand vision. OSF Digital has been distinguishing by Salesforce as a true commerce expert and has achieved the highest ranking in the Salesforce Navigator Expert program in the B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Consumer Goods and Retail categories.

OSF Digitalについて

OSF Digitalは、グローバルコマースおよびデジタルトランスフォーメーションのリーディングカンパニーであり、エンタープライズコネクテッドコマース、オーダーマネジメントソリューション、ストアフロントマネジメントサービス、コマースコンサルティング、クラウドアプリケーション開発などの専門知識を有しています。B2CおよびB2Bコマースに精通し、コマース、マーケティング、セールス、サービスの各ソリューションを活用して企業を支援してきた経験を持つOSFは、企業のデジタルトランスフォーメーションジャーニー全体をシームレスに導きます。OSF Digitalは、2010年からSalesforceの確かなコンサルティングパートナーコマース業界の発展に貢献したとしてSalesforceから何度も表彰されています。OSF Digitalは、北米、ラテンアメリカ、アジア太平洋、ヨーロッパの各地域に拠点を置くグローバル企業であり、全てのタイムゾーンと市場で効率的なサービスを提供しています。HSBCとBDCはOSF Digitalのファイナンシャルパートナーであり、Delta-v Capitalは投資家です。OSF Digitalの詳細については、こちら


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