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Appointment Scheduler

Choosing the best-fitting suit with the help of a shopping assistant or getting the real feel of a luxury perfume with no time-pressure are just a few of the particular advantages of bookable shopping slots that can grow customer loyalty.

Appointment Scheduler, our app managed in Salesforce Service Cloud, bridges the gap between offline experiences and online resources by letting customers book in-store visits at times that are most convenient to them.

With a streamlined scheduling process, merchants can get a better forecast on future visits, increase customer commitment, and make sure shopping experiences are optimal.

Main Features

  • compatibility


    Appointment Scheduler is compatible with SiteGenesis and SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture)—Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s customization model and blueprint for site design. What’s more, it’s a standalone solution that can be implemented on any HTML webpage.
  • multiple location setup


    You can configure multiple stores with different settings in the Salesforce Service Cloud-dedicated app, so that each store has its own capacity, working hours, store assistants, and available time slots for visit booking.
  • flexible schedule

    Flexible Schedule

    You can set the daily available time for appointment booking, working schedule, and lunch break duration for every store.
  • configurable appointment module


    The appointment module can be configured to fit the specific needs of different store locations in terms of total and allowed visitor capacity, appointment slot duration, and store working hours. Its interface is also customizable.
  • appointment management


    Easily view and manage all appointment requests in the Salesforce Service Cloud-dedicated app, create them on behalf of customers, or cancel approved appointments that are not yet confirmed.
  • number of visitors


    If customers decide to bring company when visiting your store, they are able to select the number of visitors when setting the appointment. In this way, you get a correct estimate of the foot traffic in a certain timeline.
  • great customer experience


    Shoppers can confirm, cancel, or re-schedule appointments in the Appointment Scheduler module on your storefront. Both guest users and logged-in users can reserve a visit and add comments or requirements for their appointment, such as shopping assistance.
  • email notifications


    Appointment Scheduler sends automated email confirmations, cancellations, or reminders, so that customers stay up to date with their appointment updates.


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