Global Expansion Strategy

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Determine the right entry strategy for new markets
Identify opportunities in new markets
Define your omnichannel strategy
Find the right retail commerce partnerships
Select third-party marketplaces that fit
Develop market-specific integration strategy
Outline market-appropriate content strategy
Establish ROI strategy
Pinpoint which KPIs to track

Expanding into new markets doesn’t come without questions. What is the right commerce strategy? Which logistics, order management solutions, and payment service providers should you rely on in the new market? We will help you find the right answers to these and many other questions and we'll identify for you a unique brand-centric and market-specific strategy that helps ensure that your business operations are efficient and compliant with all market requirements and customer expectations.


Our solutions for global expansion strategy

Commerce Strategy

Need help defining the right commerce strategy? We will help you establish a smart strategy that meets your business needs and positions you to scale growth, while minimizing financial risk. This involves creating, analyzing, and managing your P&L processes, then analyzing your customer life time value (CLTV), developing customer acquisition cost (CAC) strategy, and selecting third-party market places and retail commerce partnerships.

Integration Strategy

To quickly become competitive in a new region, it’s important make smart integration decisions. As an experienced global expansion consultant, we’ll ensure that you create a reliable, market-specific technology ecosystem, starting with logistics, OMS, customer service, PSP, and third-party technology providers.


We'll help you ensure a continual supply of your products to new regions by establishing market-appropriate warehouse and OMS processes. Our skilled experts will help you select reliable transportation and distribution partners.

Content Strategy

How can you deliver great content, tailored for individual markets, on a global scale? By leveraging a Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) approach, with a mix of evergreen and non-evergreen content, we’ll ensure that you’re well-positioned to drive qualified brick and click traffic. With an effective content strategy you will deliver relevant, consistent, and branded material in different locations.

Omnichannel Strategy

Our team will deliver a frictionless customer experience with an omnichannel strategy, tailored for each unique region and your specific business goals. From connecting online with offline, to identifying offline customers, we can help you leverage customer data to expedite your international growth.

Change Management

We’ll analyze and evaluate your organization’s structure and policies, and help you develop procedures that are compliant in a new region and facilitate your company's growth according to your global expansion plans. We'll provide support and guidance in developing a new organizational setup, enhancing your core processes, and balancing the interaction between your headquarters and local entities.

Team Organization

Whether you’re hiring locally or plan to enter new market with a remote team, we’ll help you gain insight into global markets’ talent pools and HR practices, and guide you through the most critical employment decisions. We'll work with you to build and mold a highly-efficient ecommerce team that will ensure rapid and sustainable growth for your online business.

KPI Tracking

When penetrating new regions, keeping track of your performance, and measuring the right KPIs is crucial. Rely on OSF to identify the most relevant KPIs to ensure that you are always up to date with your business progress, so you can focus on what’s currently important.


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