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Our B2C Commerce Services

B2C Ecommerce Enablement

Are you starting your ecommerce business or looking to expand the reach of your digital commerce business? Maybe you're transitioning from B2B to B2C commerce, or you want to launch an online shop quickly. Whatever your ecommerce needs are, we’ll help you establish a solid ecommerce presence with our full range of ecommerce enablement services, from ecommerce consulting services and ecommerce platform implementation to storefront management and training.

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B2C Ecommerce Replatforming

By replatforming to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can leverage the platform’s powerful features, overcome ecommerce challenges and set up more efficient commerce processes. With a solid ecommerce solution that supports different languages, you can easily expand into new markets and global locations, ensuring consistent growth and accelerating your digital transformation.

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Headless Commerce

Headless commerce offers scalability so you can evolve in a fast-changing industry. If you want to transition to headless commerce, we’ll work with you on the migration plans and make transition cost projections. We’ll also design a custom roadmap and timeline so you can know exactly what to expect. Once you’re ready, our headless commerce implementation experts will help you transition to a headless commerce architecture and quickly launch your headless commerce application.

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Commerce Marketplaces

Are you operating a successful digital store and would like to expand your business by adding a marketplace platform? Do you have an online marketplace but want to replatform your ecommerce solution? Our skilled team can help you implement a marketplace platform and integrate it with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We can also manage your marketplace platform for you or provide support and maintenance services to ensure your marketplace platform runs smoothly.

Commerce Subscriptions

Rely on our team to help you implement a flexible subscription solution tailored to your specific business needs. We’ll seamlessly implement the Ordergroove commerce subscription system or one of our out-of-the-box subscription solutions and products into your technology ecosystem. And if you don’t have the resources to handle the subscription program, we’ll do it for you.

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Commerce Cartridge Development

OSF Digital has the expertise and experience in helping third-party technology providers to develop cartridges that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We handle the implementation of cartridges for payment providers, shipping, taxes, data management solutions, order management and order tracking software, content management, loyalty, affiliate and referral programs, localization solutions, and many more.

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Into Our B2C Commerce Expertise

Domaine Chandon Unlocks the Power of Memberships and Subscriptions

Find out how OSF Digital replatformed Chandon.com onto Salesforce Commerce Cloud and helped the brand offer its customers unique membership experiences.

Setting the Stage for International Expansion

OSF Digital replatformed MO and Zippy from Magento to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, helped them accelerate their ecommerce expansion into new regions and reinforced their logistics and omnichannel capabilities.

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OSF Products & Solutions

For B2C commerce

Industry Accelerators

Our Industry Accelerators supply robust solutions with industry-specific functionalities for your digital commerce. As a trusted system integrator and Salesforce Platinum partner, we’ve expertly built these accelerators to help you innovate your business through new commercial strategies and the newest ecommerce technology.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

OSF products for Salesforce Commerce Cloud enhance the default functionality of the platform, and tackle even the most complicated ecommerce challenges. With our products you can boost profits by offering your clients a new purchase option, the possibility to earn and spend loyalty points, schedule recurring purchases, find your physical store and much more.

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Fast Commerce Solutions

Our Fast Commerce solutions can help you launch an ecommerce website fast with rich features to meet your specific needs. As a trusted system integrator and Salesforce Platinum partner, we built these out-of-the-box solutions for Salesforce Commerce Cloud to help you reach your ecommerce business goals in a cost-effective way.

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