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Our Industry Accelerators supply robust solutions with industry-specific functionalities for your digital commerce. As a trusted system integrator and Salesforce Platinum partner, we’ve expertly built these accelerators to help you innovate your business through new commercial strategies and the newest ecommerce technology. With these Industry Accelerators, you’ll be equipped to effectively augment and modernize your business and digital operations.

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OSF Digital’s Automotive Accelerator

An online car marketplace is a win-win for you and your partners selling on your marketplace. You will expand your customer reach by offering self-service journeys and a shopping experience similar to a retail ecommerce store. By using our Automotive Accelerator, you’ll be able to launch an online car marketplace faster and at a lower price, benefiting from all the Salesforce Clouds’ enhanced features.

Storefront Demo Video

Develop your own automotive marketplace fast and affordably to connect customers with your car dealers. Watch this demo to see the customer journeys for an online marketplace built with our Automotive Accelerator for Salesforce Clouds.

OSF Digital’s GroceryAccelerator

Make shopping for groceries a snap. Your customers will be able to select products by weight, access nutritional information for products, re-order previous orders and benefit from discounts for paying online, among other features. Our Grocery Accelerator helps you strengthen customer engagement through meaningful customer journeys and an easier, store-like shopping experience.

Storefront Demo Video

Link your online and physical grocery stores fast and at a lower cost and simplify grocery shopping. Watch this demo to see two customer journeys for an online grocery store built with our Grocery Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

OSF Digital’s Retail Banking Accelerator

If you’re looking to expand your commercial strategy by bringing customers and sellers together, our Retail Banking Accelerator for Salesforce Clouds is perfect for you. You’ll be able to bundle products and services and tailor journeys for customers, sellers and your internal team managing the marketplace—all at a lower price.

Storefront Demo Video

Innovate your retail banking commercial strategy by bringing customers and sellers together. Watch this demo to see all journeys for an online banking marketplace built with our Retail Banking Accelerator for Salesforce Clouds.

OSF Digital’s Quick Service Restaurants Accelerator

Accelerate your digital transformation journey and reach customers where they are now ordering food with our QSR Accelerator. You’ll benefit from a fast time-to-market, and by leveraging our QSR Accelerator on top of Salesforce Clouds, you’ll also have access to features tailored to each persona involved in the ordering process, from HQ employees to franchise owners and end consumers.

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