Ship from Store is an app developed by OSF Digital, built to unify your physical stores and online store inventory by leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce Order Management, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and the Store Associate App. By using Ship from Store, your customers can place orders through your online store and the orders are routed by Salesforce Order Management to the most appropriate physical store for fulfillment, based on inventory availability, customer location, and logistic operations optimization.


Unify your inventory in just 6 weeks


Leverage physical store inventory for online purchase


Optimize logistic operations and minimize costs

stay competitive

Stay competitive in a market dominated by fast delivery

keep your customers

Keep your customers happy with increased product availability

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OSF Digital’s Ship from Store App

Need to reduce your in-store aged stock? Ship from Store is the perfect option for your business. Deploy in just 6 weeks, and use our app to leverage and unify your Salesforce Clouds to maximize all your resources. Ship from Store gives you features tailored to each person involved in your order lifecycle journey. That includes your customers (ordering online), your inventory managers and store assistants who prepare and ship your merchandise. Ship from Store helps maximize your return on retail!
Ship from Store

How Does Ship from Store Work?

Check out this demo video of our Ship from Store App, from the customer placing an order, to the store rep preparing the package and giving it to the carrier.

Sync in-store and online inventory and show availability

on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based storefront

Offer your customers extended product availability:

  • Inventory updates from the stores
  • Omnichannel Inventory Service

Easily manage orders from in-store backrooms

with Store Associate App

Enable physical store teams to:

  • View orders
  • Reject orders
  • Mark orders as ready for carrier pick-up
  • Create shipments
  • Generate shipping labels
  • Send carrier & tracking number notifications

Unify online and in-store inventory and orders

with Salesforce Order Management

Enable merchandisers to:

  • Auto-Route orders to stores based on inventory
  • OCI sync for all stores
  • Get order updates from stores
  • Inventory updates to Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Manual action queue
  • Split shipments

Extend functionality with 3rd-party integrations

for payment and shipment

UPSDHLFedExzenkraftSalesforce Commerce Cloud and paypal integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and stripe integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and cybersource integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and adyen integration

Benefit from 3 months of support

through our Managed Services

  • Inventory corrections/updates
  • Order corrections/updates
  • Weekly/monthly reports
  • Report reconciliation
  • Stores updates
  • Store associate updates


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Ship from Store Infographic

Featured Infographic

Discover how Ship from Store can unify the inventory of your physical stores and online store

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