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Take a look back at 2022 with us and see how we helped our clients take one step further in their digital transformation journey.

A Glimpse Into 2022

2022 Year Review


We helped businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries solve complex problems to empower them to stay competitive and keep their customers happy. Take a look at some of our success stories and how we helped clients transform their businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions and technical expertise.

This is just a highlight of the many brands we added to our portfolio this year. Click below to see our extended client list.


With multiple acquisitions, we continued to deliver digital solutions and strategies to help brands achieve their digital transformation goals.

FitForCommerce January 12, 2022 learn more
Datarati January 18, 2022 learn more
Netnomics March 24, 2022 learn more
Kolekto June 14, 2022 learn more
Aarin July 12, 2022 learn more
Oegen November 8, 2022 learn more


We love to celebrate when our hard work is rewarded! This year, our awards list flourished. Our commitment to certify our workforce and launch innovations are just a few reasons Salesforce has recognized us as a trusted partner. Whether enriching our staff culture or delivering marketing excellence, we are delighted to be recognized for global quality. And thanks to Content, Marketing and Product, we are also proud to be the recipient of 12 MarCom Awards.


This was also a year of innovation and problem solving where we created new products and components. This means our clients reaped quicker wins and faster time to market, with less risk and faster business growth.


We genuinely believe giving back is part of our social responsibility and we are intentional in making a positive impact globally. We continually focus on improving our environment, high-quality education, and gender equality. The OSF Foundation transforms communities where we operate through youth camps, courses, and workshops.

As a proud member of Pledge 1%, we contribute to our communities—because it’s the right thing to do.


As a global multicultural company with 2,200+ employees, we know our success begins with each employee’s commitment to our values, which personifies our culture and drives our exponential growth. Our values determine how we interact and help us form a shared growth mindset that empowers everything we do. As we focus on living these principles, we continue to evolve, earning the ability to be a trusted digital transformation partner year after year.

Working as one team, we outperform for accelerated growth because we care about results – our customers´ results. In 2023, our commitment remains steadfast to helping businesses of every size and industry seamlessly navigate their digital transformation.


Driven By Change
OSF Strong

But we don’t just work hard. We play hard as often as we can, and 2022 was no exception. In our worldwide fitness challenge called Round the World, we traveled to 49 OSF locations to unite as #OneTeam. At every stop, we were met with bright smiles, thriving friendships and most of all, a burning passion to go #onestepfurther.

We also held our Days of Excellence in Montreal, Paris, Porto, Sydney and Tokyo to discuss industry trends, learn from each other, and compete in team building activities.

Check out some of those highlights in this short clip.

OSF DOE 2022 Highlights

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Thank you for your patronage and support. We look forward to taking innovation one step further in 2023!

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