smart order refill feature 1

Make your customers happy.

Simplify your customers’ lives. Give them the option to auto-replenish the products they need every week, month, or any other interval they decide.

smart order refill feature 2

Secure recurring revenue.

By offering your customers the ability to set up automatic recurring orders, you’ll secure a steady sales flow and lock in future revenue.

cartup feature 2

Keep track of all orders.

Use the reporting dashboard that Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0 makes available in Business Manager to search and manage all subscription orders. View details about each subscription including the products in the order, order status, when the subscription began, is set to end, and the recurrence interval.


Give shoppers the ability to set up automatic recurring orders and manage them on their terms with Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0, OSF’s Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Focus on attracting new customers and keep existing ones satisfied by offering them the ability to sign up for recurring orders for products they need on a regular basis.

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