save money

Generate sales quickly.

Built natively on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, this solution brings the most essential integrations together to help you get your commerce site up and running quickly. Everything you need to generate revenue is included.

enhance customers experiences

Deliver positive customer experiences.

Ensure customers are delighted at every step of their journey. Provide information in the Japanese language and make it easy for shoppers to enter their data using Japanese characters. Allow customers to purchase products using popular credit cards used in their country and offer insight on and scheduling opportunities for the delivery date and time.


Benefit from essential features.

The solution offers a wide variety of features needed on a commerce site in Japan including offering consumers an easy rate and review experience, and auto-population of the customer’s address based on their postal code. Your site will display prices with or without the tax rate applied, and you can give customers the option to pay using cash on delivery or at a convenience store. The solution also includes an integration with OMS Pro, the order management system we recommend that allows you to synchronize customer, order, inventory, and price data with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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OSF Japan Commerce Foundation is a solution designed to assist retailers in their efforts to move into or expand their commerce presence in Japan. It satisfies all the necessary requirements Japanese consumers have from a commerce website and ensures customers are provided with a seamless and engaging experience.

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