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Create custom gift cards.

When ordering an online gift card, give your customers the option to personalize the design, choose a value, and write a message for the recipient. You can use the default designs available with eGift Card, or upload visuals that match your brand.

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Use multiple gift cards to pay for an order.

Let shoppers use several gift cards when paying for a single order. They’ll see the amount each gift card contributes to the total order and the total amount of all gift cards they’ve entered.

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Add gift cards to wish lists and gift registries.

Online gift cards can be added to a wish list or gift registry and set as public. Customers can use the search engine on the site to view someone’s wish list or gift registry and purchase a gift card directly from this location.

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Empower shoppers to give and redeem gift cards and increase your online store’s revenue with eGift Card, OSF’s Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The product enhances the platform’s functionality by offering an easy way for customers to buy online gift cards in the amount they choose for their friends, loved ones, colleagues, or business partners.

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