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Reach out to everyone—including guest users.

Send cart recovery emails to all customers, even those who don’t have a registered account, but have agreed to enter their email address on the checkout page.

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Send personalized and automated emails.

Send personalized emails with custom incentives like discounts or free shipping, and relevant product recommendations. Deploy emails hours or days after customers have left your website as well as set the number of emails a shopper who abandons their cart receives.

cartup feature 2

Track and analyze results.

Track all purchased items, abandoned carts vs. recovered carts, and if the shopper was a guest or a registered customer from a reporting dashboard CartUP makes available in Business Manager. View real-time statistics on the Total Revenue Recovered from abandoned carts and Average Recovered Cart Value.

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Turn shoppers who abandon their carts into active customers with CartUP, OSF’s Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. CartUP enhances the platform’s functionality by sending reminder emails to win back a shopper’s interest and close the sale. OSF’s cart recovery cartridge helps you keep customer relationships alive and gain a steady revenue flow by using a smart email recovery strategy.

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