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Unify content and commerce.

Drive more traffic to your store and generate sales using your blog. Integrate your blog and online store and inspire shoppers to purchase the products they’re reading about from the same place.

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Improve the customer experience.

Set up the articles you want to appear in the Featured Articles and Popular Posts sections, and the number and relevance of Related Posts directly in Business Manager for an enhanced customer experience.

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Multiple blogs and languages.

If you have an online store with multiple languages each with their own blog, you can manage them directly in Business Manager by using BlogLINK 2.0.

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Improve how customers engage with your brand with BlogLINK 2.0, OSF’s Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The product integrates your WordPress blog with Salesforce Commerce Cloud so you can enjoy an easy content management process and deliver a personalized customer experience on your online store that will drive more traffic to your site and help you increase sales.

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