Curbside Pickup: Combining Online and Offline


SOLUTION: Developed by OSF Digital, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

In this video, you’ll learn about a complete customer journey from placing an order to delivery, using a quick and easy curbside pickup option. You can enable a curbside pickup option in just two weeks with OSF Digital’s Quick Start Curbside Pickup solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Watch how flexible options can delight your customers in only 3 minutes.

Diverse delivery options such as in-store pickup, e-booking, click and collect, and curbside pickup have seen a surge in popularity among shoppers recently. In just one week, from March 2 to March 8, 2020, global online purchases with in-store pickup increased 29%*. With social distancing recommendations still in place for customers and merchants being mindful of the need to sell their physical in-store inventory, businesses are re-evaluating how to serve customers better.

Setting up a curbside pickup option can be enabled now in just two weeks with OSF Digital’s innovative solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Quick Start Curbside Pickup. This flexible option provides customers convenient ordering while respecting social distancing recommendations to reassure shoppers and merchants alike. Watch the video to discover the complete customer journey using the curbside pickup option and see the behind-the-scenes order management process from the side of customer service and store employees.

Your Business Can Discover:

  • How Quick Start Curbside Pickup extends capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • How the mechanics of curbside pickup option works - from placing the order to picking it from the selected store
  • How a curbside pickup option improves your customers’ experience by providing pickup flexibility