How to quickly integrate Ordergroove and Salesforce Commerce Cloud


SOLUTION: Developed by OSF Digital, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Ordergroove

Did you know you can enable subscriptions in just 3 weeks with Quick Start Subscription Commerce? Discover how our Quick Start Subscription Commerce solution integrates Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Ordergroove to help you easily manage subscriptions on your ecommerce store. Watch our merchant journey demo video now.

A reliable revenue source is of utmost importance in the ecommerce field. It makes your business more predictable and easier to manage. That’s why we created
Quick Start Subscription Commerce  – a product that facilitates the integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Ordergroove.

This integration enables you to offer your customers a subscription option for their recurring shopping items - they save money while you gain foresight. What’s more, you’ll have your subscription functionality up and running in just 3 weeks. It doesn’t get any quicker than this.

Other benefits of Quick Start Subscription Commerce include:

  • Anticipate and exceed customer expectations
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Develop a recurring revenue stream
  • Improve sales predictability