Move from offline to online in just a few weeks

The global health crisis put every business, whether SMB or enterprise, in a tight spot, highlighting their weaknesses and emphasizing the importance of having a solid ecommerce website as their own revenue and distribution channel. Brands with inefficient or no ecommerce presence are now at a disadvantage and missing out on sales. Choosing a full-option, yet affordable, ecommerce development solution now, such as OSF Digital’s Quick Start Total Commerce, to launch an online store in weeks—not months, will help companies tap into new markets and drive online sales, with just a minimum investment on their side.


Open a new revenue and distribution channel

Businesses today cannot risk depending on offline channels only; they need a digital alternative that will help them keep their head above the water in these uncertain times. By relying on a trusted ecommerce enablement company, such as OSF Digital, to transition to an off-the-shelf ecommerce solution like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, launch an online store quickly, and have them manage their new store, brands gain a new revenue and distribution channel that will keep yielding results long after the global crisis is over.

stand out

Stand out among the competition

Going to market quickly with a branded, fully-equipped storefront will allow brands to gain a competitive advantage over other brands who lack an efficient ecommerce presence, and obtain the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their customers. The transition from offline to online through a quick website development end-to-end process positions brands for a fast response to market fluctuations and helps them safeguard their business against unpredictable or unfavorable economic situations.

build or expand

Build or expand a successful business online

Whether you are exploring new market opportunities, want to localize your business in new geographies, or seek to establish a digital sales channel from scratch with minimum investment, an experienced system integrator, like Salesforce Platinum partner—OSF Digital, can make a real difference for your business. Taking a comprehensive approach to ecommerce initiative and entrusting one partner to handle your entire digital strategy–from solution setup, digital channel management, and customer support, all the way to order fulfillment and returns–will help you build a successful online business.

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When time is of the essence, and you must adapt fast, you will need—besides a trusted technology integration partner—the perfect technology to help you go to market quickly. OSF's Quick Start Total Commerce is an out-of-the-box commerce solution, designed specifically for merchants that are now affected by the changes caused by COVID-19 and are looking for quick website development solutions that will help them tap into the online sales channel in just a few weeks.

This innovative solution, developed by OSF Digital, and powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, will help brands open a new revenue and distribution channel by quickly setting up an ecommerce store to start selling direct to consumers—in weeks, not months.

Store Setup

Your Salesforce Commerce Cloud online store launched in just a few weeks

  • Preparation Workshop
  • UI Theme Setup
  • Promotions and Associated Assets
  • Product Catalog Setup
  • Analytics, Payments, Taxes, Shipping Methods Setup
  • Tagging Plan Build-in
  • Commerce Ready Theme
  • Responsive Templates
  • Basic Customer Journeys
  • Flat File Sync (Catalog, Price List, Orders, Etc.)
  • Social Sign-in
  • Cart and Checkout

OSF’s Storefront as a Service

Let us handle everything

  • Shop Improvement (New Assets, Template Updates)
  • Content and Merchandising Updates
  • Products and Inventory Maintenance

OSF’s Customer Acquisition Services

We’ll help you expand your customer base

  • Digital Ads Management
  • Promotion Maintenance
  • Order Monitoring and Support

OSF's E-fulfillment Services

Integration of robust third-party solutions

  • Warehousing
  • Order Processing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Return Management


Product Photo Services

Customer Support Call Center