recurring revenue stream

Develop a profitable recurring revenue stream

A product subscription program empowers merchants to benefit from a reliable revenue source that can be counted on. You’ll be better positioned to optimize your inventory levels, vastly improving stock management capabilities. You’ll also be viewed positively in the eyes of shoppers, as you are taking advantage of a proven method, designed to delight repeat customers who come to value that you take such good care of them.


Go live in just 3 weeks

In our current market state, all merchants are looking for quick implementations and development of new functionalities for their online store—to keep customers coming back. With OSF Digital’s Quick Start Subscription Commerce, it is quick and easy to integrate Ordergroove and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to offer your customers a subscription option. You will go live with your new subscription functionality in just three weeks, with all the order management process set up.


Create loyal customers

Customers are always looking for ways to save money and time, especially when it comes to consumer goods, such as hygiene products, vitamins, or food they buy regularly. By offering them the possibility to subscribe to recurring orders for their favorite products, you not only create a positive sentiment towards your brand, but also loyal customers.

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Quick Start Subscription Commerce Video

Quick Start Subscription Commerce - Customer Journey Demo

Offer your customers a subscription option for their recurring shopping items - they save money while you gain foresight. Now possible in just 3 weeks with Quick Start Subscription Commerce for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Quick Start Subscription Commerce

As a trusted system integrator and Salesforce Platinum partner, OSF Digital has developed a solution to help you offer a subscription option to your customers, quickly and efficiently. Quick Start Subscription Commerce will facilitate the integration between your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based store and Ordergroove, an all-in-one platform designed to build and scale recurring revenue for your business. You will be able to sell your products through subscriptions and manage orders efficiently in just 3 weeks.

Integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Ordergroove

with Quick Start Subscription Commerce

  • Product and Product Bundle Subscriptions
  • Product Configurations
  • Subscription Frequencies
  • Subscription Promotions
  • Subscription Enrolment
  • Instant Upsell
  • Transactional Emails
  • Subscriber Management
  • Merchant Management
  • Anticipate AI
  • Out-of-stock Management
  • Inventory Forecast
  • Automated Retry of Failed Payments
  • Reporting Dashboard and Export
  • Placement Times Setup
  • Shipping Flat Rate Calculation
  • Tax Support
  • URL Redirects
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Payment Service Provider
  • Standard Built-in Tagging Plan
  • All Salesforce B2C Standard Promotions
  • Order Management System
  • Cart and Checkout
  • All Einstein AI Standard Features
  • Content Scheduling

OSF's Solution Install Services

Start offering subscriptions in just 3 weeks

  • 3 Week Delivery from Project Kick-off
  • Remote Workshops to Prepare Customer Deliverables
  • Subscription Initial Setup
  • Subscription Design
  • Setup Subscription Eligible Products
  • Setup Replenishment Order Incentives
  • UI Theme Setup
  • Content Configuration
  • Order Management Process Setup
  • Promotion Configuration
  • Pre-configured Promotions
  • Order Management Process Setup
  • Promotion Configuration
  • Pre-configured Promotions
  • Analytics, Payments, Taxes, Shipping Methods Setup

OSF’s Process Management as a Service

3 months support for your new subscription process

  • Updates to Subscription Products and Promotions
  • Online Store Improvement (New Assets, Template Updates)
  • Products, Inventory, and Promotion Maintenance
  • Subscription Orders Support
  • Order Monitoring and Support
  • Content and Merchandising Updates
  • Digital Ads Management