Demo Video: How OSF Digital’s Quick Start Commerce Channels solution works


SOLUTION: Developed by OSF Digital, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Did you know you can start leveraging new revenue channels, such as social media platforms and marketplaces in a matter of weeks, not months with Quick Start Commerce Channels? Learn how to revive sales by adapting to trends in shopping behavior with Quick Start Commerce Channels, an innovative solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Discover how to easily take advantage of this solution in our Business Manager demo video.

Since March 2020, the way people shop has changed, making online shopping one of the primary selling channels for most merchants. Customers are looking for merchants with a smooth, store-like experience, and a quick ordering and shipping process. Adding social commerce into the multi-channel distribution mix will help your sales get back on track by offering your customers exactly what they are searching for: the joy of an easy and convenient shopping session —not the chore of buying.

Recently, OSF Digital and Salesforce created a solution for brands that want to adapt to these changes in customer behavior and expand their revenue channels. Our goal is to help them achieve this in a matter of weeks, not months.

With Quick Start for Commerce Channels, you can integrate social media shopping platforms and other marketplaces with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website in just 3 weeks.

Key takeaways:

  • How Quick Start Commerce Channels easily integrates with the most popular social media platforms and marketplaces.
  • How you can easily manage product catalog exports from Business Manager.
  • How orders are synchronized between the selling platforms and Salesforce Order Management.
  • How you can easily process and handle orders from your new selling channels.