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Brands need to deliver a personalized experience across all touchpoints to capture and retain customers. To do that, marketing teams must have intelligent, actionable customer data to create one-on-one messaging. Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) gives you that single source of truth for your customer data so you can generate relevant, real-time messaging across all channels.


Salesforce Customer Data Platform

360° Customer Data Architecture

Get a deep understanding of your customers based on their key attributes and behaviors. We’ll identify and integrate valuable data from any source to give you a high level of customer intelligence. You’ll get a holistic view of each customer in one place, including consent and compliance with privacy regulations. We’ll also use AI to enhance your customer profiles and implement the model in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to execute in your marketing programs.

Customer Data Cleansing

Combine and correct your customer records to reconcile identities and optimize your marketing efforts. We’ll merge your fragmented and duplicated records so you can better identify your most valuable customers. Erroneous records will be removed to reduce noise in your analysis and improve the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Omni-channel Recommendations

Leverage machine learning to build unique 1:1 customer offers. Activate your customer data in any application by recommending the best action and best offers to your customers across channels. Deliver this personalized content and across channels in real-time with Interaction Studio. Capture the customer actions taken, then analyze the outcomes and responses to improve future recommendations. Using this ‘test and learn’ approach, repeat the cycle as needed.

Customer Segmentation

Using behavioral data, we’ll identify key customer segments so you can tailor your customer experiences. You can also leverage smart segments to create predictive models. You’ll understand and manage your audience more effectively to build brand awareness in a relevant way.

Customer-centric Dashboards & Reporting

Understand your customer engagement with deep analytics. We’ll help you access a single view of your customers and insights to make better real-time decisions. Slice and dice data using your customers’ attributes. And identify how marketing initiatives are performing on your best customers and how they’re impacting the business.


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