next.commerce is our customized headless commerce technology accelerator, built as an enhanced version of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s headless commerce architecture. By using our enhanced headless commerce architecture, you’ll be able to launch faster and at a lower price, with Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform’s enhanced features, compared to building your ecommerce store on SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture). Benefits of our enhanced architecture include:

money off

Lower cost to add features

A faster time to market equals a lower cost for launching the store and adding new features. We developed our next.commerce headless commerce technology accelerator on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance the capabilities of the out-of-the-box platform.


Industry oriented strategy

Regardless of what your business is active in, our headless commerce approach will take into consideration the specifics of your industry when starting to build the new architecture of your ecommerce store. Through our next.commerce technology accelerator, you will deploy your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store faster and with industry-specific processes, based on headless commerce architecture.


Multiple themes to choose from

Our next.commerce technology accelerator is built on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s headless commerce architecture and includes unlimited commerce themes for you to customize your customer-facing store to suit your brand perfectly.

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OSF next.commerce

If you are looking for an express train to go to market with a fully-featured ecommerce store, built on the newest technology architecture, our next.commerce technology accelerator is perfect for you. Not only will you benefit from an accelerated time-to-market, but by leveraging our headless commerce technology accelerator on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you’ll also have access to unlimited commerce themes and an omnichannel-ready store, all at a lower price.

Extend the capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

with next.commerce’s Headless Commerce Features

  • Continuous feedback loop (defects + features)
  • Organizational open source contributions
  • Productivity tools integrated
  • Unit testing and automated tests
  • Backlog management and prioritization (product management)
  • Internal certification process
  • Customizable commerce themes (available via OSF themes library)

Extra Enhance your Store’s Features

with OSF Products

  • eGift Card – a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge
  • POINTS TO CART – a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge
  • Store LOCATOR  – a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge

Benefit from 3rd Party Integrations

As part of the Headless Commerce Technology Accelerator

Salesforce Commerce Cloud and signifyd integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and adyen integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and stripe integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and paypal integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and clearsale integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and cybersource integrationSalesforce Commerce Cloud and apple pay integration


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