Store Associate Plus is a multi-cloud app, powered by Salesforce, that helps you connect and manage order routing so that you can fulfill seamlessly and at scale from anywhere in your network. Store Associate Plus enables a complete omnichannel experience by giving store associates the right tools to view, reject, and fulfill customer orders, as well as manage shipping and communications. Store Associate+ has dedicated features for multiple scenarios such as ship from store, click and collect, or buy online pick up in store (BOPIS).


Empower your store associates with an intuitive, dedicated app.


Leverage store inventory to fulfill online orders seamlessly.


Reduce your in-store aged stock with a smart omnichannel strategy.


Manage your physical and online inventory in a single place.


Offer a personalized, channel-agnostic shopping experience to consumers.

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When you don’t condense your brick and mortar and online storefronts into a single system, inventory visibility across channels might become difficult. Store Associate Plus is the perfect option to help you stay in control of the store fulfillment processes. Optimize logistics and minimize costs with a complete omnichannel experience. Connect order management, empower store associates, and personalize customer experiences to stay competitive in a market dominated by fast delivery.

Sync in-store and online inventory

by leveraging Salesforce Order Management System and Salesforce Omnichannel Inventory

  • Automatically route orders to stores based on business rules
  • Enable order splitting
  • Increase visibility of store inventory
  • Receive order updates from stores
  • Receive inventory updates
  • Send email notifications to customers
  • Capture payments and refunds
  • Enable customer service actions such as cancel or return

Empower store associates with an intuitive app

built on Salesforce Experience Cloud

  • View and update orders
  • Reject orders (full or partial)
  • Batch picking
  • Create shipment
  • Generate shipping label
  • View and manage inventory availability
  • View customer data