Picklist Insights

Picklist Data Tracking for Salesforce

About the Product

Picklist Insights

Picklist Insights, our newest app for Salesforce, was designed to help sales, marketing, customer service, and any other teams looking to have insights into the lifecycle of their processes. After installing the app on your Salesforce CRM, you will be able to generate reports based on the picklist values you have set in your CRM.

Data analysis is available for each record, and reports can be generated for you to see what is working, and also what is blocking completion of a sales cycle, a marketing funnel, or a support ticket in your telco, banking, or insurance team.

Main Features

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    Picklist Insights is easy to install and configure in your Salesforce CRM organization. Your Salesforce administrator only has to follow a few steps and after the installation and configuration are complete, you can easily access the app from the App Launcher menu in CRM.
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    You will be able to select one particular record from the CRM and see how much time was spent on each status it had attributed, during a specific period of time. The analysis can be done at the object and field levels you select from the picklist, available in your Salesforce CRM organization.
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    If you want to see all records analyzed in your Salesforce CRM organization, you can generate reports under the History Tracking tab. You can select which records to include in your reports from the entire list and be able to see trends with more information available on each specific value.
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    You can generate a chart for each record to better visualize different data points about each record. You can customize the chart based on the objects available in your Salesforce CRM organization.


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