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About the Product

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Communities enable collaboration between individuals and organizations, despite geographical distance. In every type of community, whether it’s tech, education, banking, or beauty, keeping the audience engaged can be challenging without the proper content approach.

Content Carousel lets you deliver targeted rich content to multi-language audiences and enables you to put the spotlight on the most important pieces of content. It’s a Salesforce Experience Cloud-dedicated component for navigating through elements, such as images, slides of text, or custom markup, helping you keep information relevant to your community audience.

Main Features

  • rich media content


    Combine text, images, and links to offer your audience an interactive experience and make the information easier to grasp. Animated carousels can make your Salesforce Experience Cloud page look more dynamic with motion changes to capture visitors’ attention.
  • targeted publishing


    Target various audiences by translating content into multiple languages. The content will be displayed according to the users’ language and time-zone.
  • easy to configure icon


    Content Carousel lets you add, remove, and edit carousel records in just a few steps; offering you control over content shared within Salesforce Experience Cloud.
  • effective placement


    Content Carousel enables more pieces of content to occupy the same focus spot of your community instance, without making use of additional space. Placing the carousel at the top of the page lets you point out important information.
  • email notification icon


    For every image you publish, you receive an email update to let you know when community changes are live.


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