Two Platforms, One Experience

OSF UnifyCOMMERCE is a customer-centric solution that gathers customer data from multiple sales channels, online as well as offline, and brings it in Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, for a centralized view of all customers’ data. The solution was designed to help retailers have access to everything they need to know about customers' actions and preferences. Information on sales orders, products, page visits, wish lists, abandoned carts, review history, tickets and accumulated loyalty points is done by integrating Salesforce Clouds with ecommerce platforms, POS solutions, Clienteling Apps, ERP systems, Loyalty and Rewards programs and many more.

How to Achieve Connected Commerce with Multi-Cloud Integration

See how brands can use our Clienteling app for in-store agents to achieve connected commerce and unify the consumer’s online and offline shopping journey by connecting ecommerce, marketing, CRM and POS, through the multi-cloud integration of Salesforce Commerce, Sales/Service, Marketing Clouds, Heroku and POS.

Connected Shopping Journey with

Watch this video to understand how the new OSF UnifyCOMMERCE Clienteling Application, an integration of Salesforce Commerce, Sales/Service, Marketing Clouds, Heroku and POS, provides in-store agents with a 360-degree view of online & offline consumer data which enables them to enrich the shopping experience in the physical store.

Achieve Connected Commerce by Putting Your Salesforce Clouds In Motion

OSF UnifyCOMMERCE is a customer-centric product that connects the Salesforce Clouds out-of-the box, and brings commerce customer data into Salesforce Sales, Service, Community and Marketing Clouds from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, for a single view of consumer data that enables brands to unify the shopping journey and expand sales, service and marketing channels opportunities.

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OSF UnifyCOMMERCE’s mission is… 

...to provide you with the necessary tools to learn useful details about your audience and its segments, see patterns that will help you personalize your campaigns' messages, adjust website content and, overall, create a more efficient marketing strategy, while opening up new sales channels.

We developed the solution having your customers shopping experience in mind. We created the Single-Sign On functionality between ecommerce platforms and Salesforce Community, so that your customers can seamlessly navigate from the website to your Community and back, with a single click and constantly benefit from a memorable, circular and useful shopping experience, as the cart is visible and updated in real time across both platforms.

We went the extra mile and build unique custom Lightning Components for each ecommerce platform we integrated with Salesforce Community, so that you can contextualize your visitors’ shopping experience. The Best Sellers buy button is available when browsing general sections in Community, while, when engaging in specific topics, your customers have the option to purchase Recommended Products. This concept of “in-context commerce” as Salesforce identifies, leverages the importance of unique communities to their users in order to provide context to the positioning of the products and services

We know how valuable Customer Service is to you and your shoppers, this is why we embedded the Customer Service Suite in Salesforce Service Cloud, to provide your team with full visibility over all customers’ orders and history, comments in the Community and even visits to your website, so that they can respond to customer requests immediately, and at the point they call in, offering the best support, make product recommendations based on purchasing profile online, and even place orders on your customers’ behalf.