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OSF UnifyCOMMERCE Salesforce COMMUNITY Integration
Salesforce Community Integration, the OSF UnifyCOMMERCE for Magento® extension, empowers retailers to consolidate the purchase and Community browsing experiences, by connecting a Magento storefront with Salesforce Community, providing a seamless contextual and easy-to-personalize shopping experience for their customers.
Transform your Salesforce Community into a full Ecommerce Solution by allowing shoppers to navigate from your storefront to Community and back, with one single click; add to cart best sellers and recommended products; collect data on customers’ actions within topics of interest in Community and provide them with an overall better browsing and shopping experience. 

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    Grant registered customers seamless browsing from Magento storefront to Salesforce Community and back, without a repeat sign-in.
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    Extend the shopping experience in Community, with the new “Add to Cart” button, which lets customers purchase Best Sellers and Recommended products—related to the topic of interest—even when they are not in the storefront.
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    Whether buying happens in storefront or in Community, the Shopping Cart gets updated in real time, is visible and within reach, so that your customers benefit from a seamless shopping journey.
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    Customers can easily navigate from product page in storefront, directly to related Community Q&As and leave reviews, so that your marketing and sales representatives are able to refine future product recommendations based on customers’ comments exchanged within the community.
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    Provide a better shopping experience and present customers with a personalized view of your store’s homepage, by encouraging shoppers to actively engage in topics of interest within your Community, while you collect the right data.
The license includes updates, upgrades and limited support during the period in which your license is valid. When applicable, support will include fixes of software errors and bugs related to default functionality of the plug-in, free of charge. The extension comes with a 30-days warranty (from the initial purchase date).

After filling out and submitting the below form, you will receive a notification email. Shortly after, you will be contacted by commerce specialists regarding your plug-in purchase details.
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