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About the Product

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Streamlining and unifying the information that customer service agents work with helps to ensure your shoppers’ needs are taken care of quickly and easily and ensures a positive customer experience. This extension is the only one on the market that integrates Zendesk data into Magento, unlike what others are doing in providing the opposite experience. Information from Zendesk tickets is united with Magento e-commerce data and helps your team offer a smoother service process.

Integrator for Zendesk is also available on Magento Marketplace.

Main Features

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    Unified login

    Single Sign-on between Magento and Zendesk.
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    Offer exceptional customer support

    Empower customers and support agents to create support tickets directly in your Magento store and display relevant support tickets on both order and customer dashboards.
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    Solve Problems Faster

    Redirect Contact Us requests to Zendesk.
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    Cover all channels

    Add the Zendesk Embeddables Web Widget to your Magento store.

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