Jira Connector

Automate Worklogs to Timesheets

About the Product

JIRA Connector

Are you a Professional Services business that bills on hours and looking to automate tedious timesheet tracking? You can eliminate the manual work required to track billable hours by automating this process with software you are already using.

Jira Connector is an integration between Sage Intacct and Jira, creating a bridge between tasks with corresponding worklogs in Jira and timesheets in Sage Intacct. The objective is to provide a fast and reliable method to generate Sage Intacct timesheets using an automatic, cron-based process to import Jira worklogs into Sage Intacct, enabling a business user to use both platforms with ease and efficiency.

Main Features

  • manage configuration


    Once the integration is made and configured, entities created become available for editing in the General Configuration screen. Additional entities can be configured with the click of a button and all configurations can be deleted except the root entity one.
  • projects mapping


    After the integration is made, all projects from JIRA appear in Sage Intacct as a list. Users can also manually add a project, remove or edit an already mapped project, and add an employee to a specific project.
  • define employee


    Under Projects Mapping, users can find all the registered employees and add new ones through the click of a button and filling in a form with the employees’ details
  • Worklog import


    Worklogs are automatically imported based on a cron job, scheduled hourly – every hour at minute 00. Alternatively, the creation of timesheets can be triggered manually.
  • Import Results


    During the import of worklogs, if any issues are encountered, an email is sent to the email address set in Configuration, detailing the reason for the failure. If everything goes well during the import, a success message is sent.
  • Timesheet reports


    Under the Timesheets section, reports for each employee are available. The hours logged by each employee on each project in JIRA can be seen, and the reports can be exported.

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