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About the Product

Integrator for PAPERLESS

It is estimated that medium-sized organizations spend 500 working hours a year on the search and retrieval of documents (Paperless). Automate invoice processing on your online store by synchronizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Paperless – Latin America’s leading electronic document solution used for the generation, processing, and management of invoices.

Empower your online shoppers to choose the invoice type they need for their apparel, home décor, or consumer goods purchases by offering them a solution that provides immediate access to their billing records.

Main Features

  • Reduce costs


    Save up to 80% by using electronic invoices compared to managing these documents manually (e-Invoicing Basics). Avoid postal costs for mailing invoices to your customers, as well as extra storage and document processing expenses.
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    Switch from traditional paper-based invoices that have a higher risk of getting lost, to electronic invoices. Improve the security of storing your invoices and conveniently access invoice data whenever you need it.
  • Increase transparency


    Allow customers to view their invoices after completing the checkout process and provide registered users with access to their past invoice data in the order history.
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    Let your online shoppers select the invoice type they need. Offer a detailed electronic invoice for your B2B customers, whereas an electronic shopping receipt for your B2C customers.


    Paper invoices are responsible for 10% of all the trees cut down worldwide (Greencarrier). By using electronic invoices, you may reduce your carbon footprint by roughly 60% compared to paper invoices (Finance Finland).

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