A Profile on OSF Digital’s Organizational Culture

In an increasingly competitive job market, IT professionals are considered to be the most significant contributor to a company’s overall success. Businesses are now starting to offer an increased number and higher quality of bonuses and benefits to this group of specialized and tech-savvy employees. This highlights the strong interest that’s now seen in improving and sustaining the happiness and well-being of tech personnel.

From gym memberships, medical insurance, performance-based bonuses, recurring team-building events, to customized plans for career growth, IT companies are rapidly adjusting their employee retention and recruitment strategies to place themselves on the radar of technology specialists who now have their pick of any organization that catches their eye. Each one of these benefits is necessary when technology companies examine the vital role that talented IT specialists play on a daily basis in being involved and invested in the organization’s overall success, including increasing its profits. IT specialists bring with them new perspectives, hands-on experience, and technical expertise—all highly sought after qualities within a field that revolutionizes itself on a daily basis.

Companies have learned that IT talent is more likely to choose to join a team when it proves it can provide them with the opportunities to grow their careers and excel professionally. Candidates will choose organizations where they’re confident their professional performance will be guided along in a proactive and collaborative work environment. They want to work in companies that cherish innovation and strive to remain competitive globally through the technological solutions they offer. In the end, IT professionals seek to gain employment with a company that possesses a strong organizational culture and ensures, beyond just benefits and compensation, there is a comprehensive and supportive onboarding program in keeping with their expectations.

Organizational culture has become the main differentiator when an IT specialist has to choose between employment options. Beyond the compensation and benefits package, there are many other intangible assets that define an employer’s organizational culture, such as its corporate values, mission and vision which become landmarks by which employees come to identify themselves.

What differentiates OSF Digital from other global IT employers is a solid organizational culture focused on delivering remarkable solutions tailored to its customers’ needs and a commitment to create a professional environment for each member of the company to grow in.

A Powerful Environment for Learning

The first step in developing OSF’s organizational culture was to build dedicated internal programs that directly contribute to employees’ professional development while also rewarding each member of the team. OSF Academy, FastTrack and OSF Community are three of the main programs implemented by the company to improve employee performance. OSF Academy members can learn programming languages such as HTML / CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, JAVA, and PHP from senior employees.

For those who are truly passionate about their professional growth, OSF has implemented a FastTrack program which supports accelerated career development. The program runs for six to eight months and includes a month of training with a technical trainer, three months of mentoring with a specialized mentor, and two to four months of assistance from a technical leader. The result is that, in six to eight months, a junior team member can go through two career and wage growth levels. A financial reward is also provided to the mentor or technical leader who participated in this mentoring program.


OSF Digital, an IT company that develops cloud and ecommerce solutions, brings together 900 employees in over 30 locations across four continents

”In a highly dynamic and competitive labor market, a robust benefits package, positive work environment, and organizational culture focused on horizontal communication are the core ingredients that ensure our company’s success. We identified that a major differentiator beyond the typical benefits offered by most IT companies are the many opportunities we provide through our professional development programs. This includes the OSF Academy program, through which recent graduates secure a job at our company. Candidates within this program have the chance to push their limits and enjoy accelerated professional growth that will continue throughout their career within OSF. They can also access the FastTrack program, an initiative designed to streamline and reward rapid professional growth for new employees as well as for any colleagues that assist them in the evolution of their careers,” says Alin Dorobanțu, Chief Operating Officer at OSF Digital.

Days of Excellence

OSF Digital, an IT company that develops cloud and ecommerce solutions, brings together 900 employees in over 30 locations across four continents

Nurturing Innovation

OSF’s commitment to constant innovation has led to the implementation of OSF Community, an internal platform that provides an environment for all team members to communicate ideas and exchange best practices. Employees can share, analyze and resolve issues with the assistance of their colleagues regardless of their physical location.

The company remains at the forefront of technology innovation because of its respected solutions sought out by customers throughout the world. This is demonstrated by the public recognition OSF has obtained by receiving several notable industry awards, namely the Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail awarded during Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2018 event.

OSF also organizes the Days of Excellence event which brings together members of the company with leading global retailers from a variety of industries. These events offer members of the OSF team the opportunity to present their technology solutions and ideas to an international audience.

A Highly Collaborative Work Environment

Many global IT companies face many challenges when trying to encourage collaboration between colleagues who aren’t within the same office—or even in the same country! OSF Digital overcomes this obstacle with the assistance of a variety of internal digital platforms through which each team member is connected to colleagues who are working on their projects. Far from provoking a sense of micro-management, these digital platforms allow each member of the team to be aware of the progress of their projects, and access to all relevant information and tasks. Moreover, these internal systems are the ideal communication tool to keep everyone informed about any major organizational changes and on the progress of any strategies that have been implemented.

Trust Produces Noticeable Results

A key benefit promoted by OSF's organizational culture is the freedom to work anytime and anywhere, with the only requirements being to meet the standard of high-quality work that is expected by customers, and to comply with the company’s security policies. The company has seen that an attitude of trust within the work environment fosters an improved work-life balance for its employees. Wherever and whenever the company’s employees work, their primary mission is to achieve the very best results, generating a visible impact on the company’s innovative solutions, revenue, and postive image.

”Every team member is aware of the trust we grant to them which increases their responsibility to ensure the tasks they are working on meet our company’s quality standards. Remote work does not limit their access to our company’s resources. Moreover, we provide constant feedback and support which helps us to be effective and deliver strategic and innovative solutions,” says Alin Dorobanțu, Chief Operational Officer of OSF Digital.


OSF Digital, an IT company that develops cloud and ecommerce solutions, brings together 900 employees in over 30 locations across four continents

Looking to the Future

International brands such as Geox, Tui Travel Center, Samsonite, Ubisoft or L'Oreal have relied upon OSF Digital’s professional support. Results gained from the company’s work have greatly exceeded their expectations. For each project the company works on, OSF Digital’s team of specialists identify the specific needs of each brand's customers and propose tailored and innovative technical solutions. The most appreciated qualities attributed to OSF’s team are their consistent hard work and communication, speed in solving tasks, and their ability to bring innovation to each solution they propose. Currently, OSF Digital is present in 31 international locations. This global footprint demonstrates that the benefits offered by the company and its organizational culture are relevant to employees worldwide. By the end of 2018, the company expects to reach 1000 employees by hiring additional back-end specialists and ecommerce front-end employees. By the end of 2019, 200 more specialists are expected to join the company’s Romanian team.

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