Shared Revenue Model

Growing Your Business with OSF’s Shared Revenue Model

Are you interested in maximizing your revenue generating potential? This article provides information on OSF Commerce’s Shared Revenue Model and makes the case for how we can provide your company with assistance with development, digital marketing operations, a digital marketing investment, customer service and our warehouse and operations shared revenue model. Grow your existing investment with our help!

As an online merchant, maximizing your revenue potential is one of the most important goals you can set for your company. Finding a trusted method that delivers results can be a challenge, as you need to find a solution that fits your existing operations, yet is flexible enough to grow with you. Working with an experienced collaborator can help you discover new ways to guarantee profits and open up a whole world of opportunities.

We’ve developed OSF’s Shared Revenue Model to satisfy this need. It’s a personalized agreement that caters to your unique requirements and relies upon our expertise in strategic planning to assist you in enhancing your profit-generating capabilities.

What’s Involved?

A shared revenue agreement with OSF Commerce can take a variety of forms but relates to areas where we can step in and provide your company with assistance, including one or a combination of the following elements:

  • Development: This can involve the build, maintenance, support, and upgrade phases.
  • Digital Marketing Operations: We can aid your team with webmastering, SEO work, email campaigns, SEM, social media, affiliate programs, and strategic partnerships, as well as with your overall digital strategy, growth estimates and budgets, reporting, and ad hoc consulting.
  • Digital Marketing Investment: In addition to running your digital marketing campaigns, OSF can contribute financially to help you reach your targets.
  • Customer Service: OSF can provide support for your customer service efforts.
  • Warehouse and Operations Shared Revenue Model: To help you boost your activities and deliver to customers outside of your current geographic reach, OSF can handle all of the necessary logistics including warehouse management, order processing, shipping contracts, and more.

Growing Your Existing Investment

With this model, OSF Commerce becomes a true partner in your business and engages with you in a mutually beneficial relationship to ensure that you generate sales. Your success is our success!

Your digital sales, marketing, communications, and IT teams will work hand in hand with our development and digital marketing experts to drive growth for your company. All of the activities that we undertake are based upon evaluating their ROI and validated by both teams to ensure they generate meaningful results. Our goal is to make sure you are well-positioned to take advantage of all available sales and marketing opportunities to secure a sustainable increase in your overall revenue, conversion rate, and average order value, and boost your traffic relevancy and customer engagement.

Through end-to-end digital marketing support and e-commerce consulting, OSF Commerce will develop a set of best practices, and implement and manage solid digital marketing campaigns across all channels.

Benefits of This Model

This kind of partnership can help you rapidly expand into new global markets by gaining access to an experienced partner that has helped many leading online merchants across a variety of industries make bold moves in accelerating their growth. The time to market is shortened, and the development time to launch new or redesigned websites is fast-tracked. Web traffic is optimized, and your digital findability is increased, helping your brand become top of mind with shoppers.

With teams spread around the world, OSF has the resources to help you manage any number of websites without location or language constraints. Our motto is ‘Work from anywhere, deliver everywhere!’

Demonstrated Results for Baccarat

Since 2015, OSF Commerce has been collaborating with Baccarat, the world-renowned French crystal manufacturer, and has contributed to the company’s ecommerce success. “Partnering with OSF has helped to speed up the migration of ten websites, using a mobile-first approach and helping us to launch our ecommerce efforts in Japan, a key market for Baccarat. They have helped us to optimize and start digital campaigns and integrate best practices to acquire new customers and satisfy our loyal clientele,” says Lydie Sedilliere, Digital Director, Baccarat. “We appreciate having a knowledgeable partner in our corner to work with on developing and seeing through new initiatives. OSF has been able to integrate into our organization and gain a complete understanding of our requirements which isn’t easy given the unique needs and expectations of luxury shoppers.”

OSF has provided support to Baccarat through the development and launch of ten global websites for US, Japan, France, UK, Italy, and Germany (transactional), as well as Russia, China, Hong-Kong and an international site for all the other countries (non-transactional). Post-launch, OSF has helped Baccarat to accelerate its digital business by providing a dedicated in-house team that works with the Baccarat team on their digital strategy, budget and growth estimates, executes complex marketing and development projects for each of their ecommerce sites, and ensures a fluid cooperation with key third parties such as payment and CRM providers.

The end-to-end digital marketing support and ecommerce consulting provided by OSF involves the development and respect of best practices and assisting Baccarat in complying with the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and the company’s accessibility requirements for the US market, and with GPDR implementation for its European customers. OSF also manages the implementation and management of digital marketing campaigns on all channels, including PPC, SEO and email marketing. OSF’s marketing and ecommerce specialists have used their expertise to drive a 31% increase in 2018 overall revenue, gain a 30% boost in the organic conversion rate for all sites, and obtain an 11% increase on customer engagement (including a 38% average bounce rate). Future plans include the release of new functionalities for existing sites, the launch of additional websites, and an anticipated 25% increase in the conversion rate and 20% boost in revenue for all Baccarat sites.

Contact a member of our team today if you are interested in learning more about OSF’s Shared Revenue Model and to gain an understanding about the success we’ve helped our trusted partners obtain. We’d love to share our case studies and success stories with you, so don’t hesitate to reach out and book a demo.

Growing Your Business with OSF’s Shared Revenue Model

Shared Revenue Model