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Retail Banking Accelerator, developed by OSF Digital, is an industry accelerator, built by leveraging the capabilities of these Salesforce Clouds: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud. By using our Retail Banking Accelerator, you’ll be able to launch a banking marketplace faster and at a lower price, benefiting from all the Salesforce Clouds’ enhanced features, such as guided selling journeys and loan officer assistance in placing an order, amongst others. Benefits of our accelerator include:

Go to market fast and at a lower cost

Go to market fast and at a lower cost

A faster time to market equals a lower cost for launching your banking marketplace. You’ll be able to create customized user journeys for both your customers and partners that can be featured on the marketplace as well as in your internal team. We developed our Retail Banking Accelerator on top of Salesforce Clouds to enhance the capabilities of the out-of-the-box platforms.

Reach more customers

Reach more customers

Expand your customer reach with unbanked and underbanked individuals, as well as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Through our retail banking solution, you will accelerate your digital transformation journey by deploying your Salesforce Cloud-based marketplace fast.

Sell products and services in a bundle

Sell products and services in a bundle

Cross-sell your internal banking products and services, such as a loan purchased together with insurance, or bundle one of your services with a seller’s product or service. For example, offer a TV purchased with a loan. Our Retail Banking Accelerator will help you strengthen customer engagement and spawn new customer acquisition through meaningful customer journeys, reducing loss and churn for banks.

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OSF Digital’s Retail Banking Accelerator

If you’re looking to expand your commercial strategy by bringing customers and sellers together, our Retail Banking Accelerator is perfect for you. You’ll benefit from a fast time to market, and by leveraging our Retail Banking Accelerator on top of Salesforce Clouds, you’ll also have access to features tailored to each persona involved in the marketplace-acquisition process, from customers to sellers, plus your internal team managing the marketplace—all at a lower price.

Retail Banking Accelerator demo video

Retail Banking Accelerator - Customer Journey Demo

Innovate your retail banking commercial strategy by bringing customers and sellers together. Watch this demo to see all journeys for an online banking marketplace built with our Retail Banking Accelerator for Salesforce Clouds.

Easily manage your Salesforce Experience Cloud-based marketplace

with OSF Digital’s Retail Banking Accelerator

Enable a portal for your
sellers with features such as:

  • Login
  • Create products
  • Edit products
  • Upload policies
  • View orders
  • View reports

Empower your marketplace admins to:

  • Create and view seller profiles
  • Review products before approving them on the marketplace
  • Approve or reject products
  • Map to category
  • Link to internal products
  • Publish products
  • Publish policies
  • View reports
  • Disable profiles and listings temporarily or permanently

Extend the capabilities of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based storefront

with OSF Digital’s Retail Banking Accelerator

  • Guided selling journeys easily configurable from Business Manager
  • Design a product catalog from Business Manager
  • Purchase products directly from product details page or marketplace
  • Loan officer assistance in placing an order
  • Automatic account creation for guest checkout
  • Track application status
  • Upload documents
  • Digital signature

Manage loan applications through Salesforce Sales Cloud

with OSF Digital’s Retail Banking Accelerator

  • Review applications
  • Create applications on behalf of clients
  • Pre-approve and reject applications
  • Ask for additional data from clients
  • View client and potential client data

Benefit from Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer insights

with OSF Digital’s Retail Banking Accelerator

  • Gather analytics
  • Personalized journeys
  • Register potential clients
  • Manage and trigger cart recovery emails
  • Send transactional emails


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