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eCommerce Guidance Within Reach at OSF’s Learning Center
Nov. 20-21, 2019 | Bloomingdale’s Mission View Room

Ignite your imagination with inspiring insights, solutions and best practices to transform your most demanding sales and marketing challenges by joining us for breakout sessions at OSF Commerce’s Learning Center at Bloomingdale’s Mission View Room, 845 Market Street, just steps from the Moscone Center.

How Thinking Like a Customer Leads to a Unified Commerce Journey

Time: 10:30-11:15 AM PST
Anemona Stanomir, Sr. Multi-Cloud Specialist, OSF Commerce

Discover how B2C businesses can take a customer-centric approach to individualize communication with consumers and combine their shopping journey across all touchpoints and channels by integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer data with Marketing, Service, Community, and Heroku. See the innovative solutions that are born from a connected commerce infrastructure, like OSF’s Clienteling App, an add-on that enables a truly connected online to offline experience.

Inside Domaine Chandon: Reconstructing Membership Conversion While Saving IT Resources

Time: 3:00-3:45 PM PST
Damien Caroli, IT Manager and Alexandra Evans, Digital Experiences Manager, Domaine Chandon

SaaS platforms can be complicated even when you’re not trying to support aggressive ecommerce goals. This session hosted by Damien Caroli and Alexandra Evans of Domaine Chandon, explains how one team delivered one dream: an implementation of a multi-cloud Salesforce solution to continually optimize an entire commerce ecosystem providing customers richer shopping experiences while increasing efficiencies. The team will disclose how a custom development built on top of OSF’s Smart Order Refill Cartridge created Club Chandon, a wine club membership model integrating retail and online offerings never before offered.

Reimagining B2C Experiences for B2B Commerce

Time: 10:30-11:15 AM PST
Gurkan Ustunkar, Ph.D., Program Manager for Salesforce B2B Commerce, OSF Commerce

With a unified view of the customer data, you can now provide support for the entire value chain to personalize B2B interactions in the same way you would do for B2C. This session hosted by Gurkan Ustunkar, Ph.D., Program Manager for Salesforce B2B Commerce at OSF, will showcase how to create a B2B buying experience that rivals leading B2C customer journeys. What Salesforce Clouds to use? What are the integration points? What features to focus on and how to evolve? Join this demo session to find out the answers to any B2B commerce challenge.

Deliver a B2B2C Connected Commerce Experience with Salesforce

Time: 1:00-1:45 PM PST
Anemona Stanomir, Sr. Multi-Cloud Specialist, OSF Commerce

Improve the shopping experience and strenghten customer loyalty. Don’t miss OSF’s session on how to use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to deliver seamless B2B and B2C commerce experiences that integrate with Service, Marketing, Sales, and/or Community Clouds. Unearth the vast array of multifaceted solutions available to boost brand interactions, increase visibility in tracking and storing data, and drive sales and profitability growth like never before.

Inside Tate Museum: Total eCommerce Transformation Delivering Great ROI

Time: 2:00-2:45 PM PST
Adrian Lomas, Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development, OSF Commerce

Tate, a leading British art institution with four major galleries across the UK, has a mission to increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of art. To reinforce their highly regarded global brand to patrons, OSF completed a complicated full UX, replatform and consolidation of Tate’s ticketing, membership and commerce shop onto Salesforce Commerce Cloud, producing a total ecommerce transformation delivering exceptional ROI. Join Adrian Lomas, Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development at OSF, as he describes the multifaceted ROI benefits of integrating an ecommerce platform onto Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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